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InCritical Solutions Inc.

InCritical Solutions Inc. is a Toronto-based solutions company led by Cheryl Bedard and Randy Hudson. Cheryl, the Treasurer, is a seasoned professional with experience in marketing, branding, sales, and financial planning across Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Randy, the President, brings his extensive experience in the clinical and business sectors to the table, having led on-site and virtual workforces of various sizes. He also currently runs his consulting firm, Height Connect Inc.

Initially established to facilitate the purchase of COVID PPE solutions and devices, InCritical Solutions has evolved to leverage its worldwide connections to provide water and solar solutions to global partners in for-profit social enterprises. With diverse backgrounds in finance, education, business and healthcare, the founders bring extensive experience and expertise across industries to the table.

As a B2B solutions company, InCritical Solutions has strong relationships worldwide and is dedicated to exploring opportunities and bringing together parties that would otherwise not have knowledge of each other. From developing business plans and strategies to conducting research, InCritical Solutions delivers messaging about benefits within each opportunity that may not be immediately apparent to product owners.

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InCritical Solutions Inc.

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