About Us

InCritical Solutions Inc.

InCritical Solutions Inc. was formed by three partners to answer the current need for new, secure, accredited, supply chain opportunities due to the COVID19 Pandemic. The three partners each bring over 30 years of experience in their respective fields.

Randy Hudson, President, has spent years working with companies globally, who produce hardware and software for the medical field.

Peter Reble, Secretary, has spent many years working internationally, dealing with supply chain issues with an emphasis on Africa.

Cheryl Bedard, Treasurer, has lived and worked in Mexico, the USA and Canada, her original specialty was marketing, branding and sales overlaid with her current expertise in financial planning.

Donald Bedard, New Business Lead, has years of international experience in advertising with large international clients such as IBM, and Warner-Lambert. He has lived and worked in Mexico and the USA but dealt globally for his clients.

InCritical Solutions Inc.

2 Berkeley Street
Suite 203
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 4J5

+1 877 566 7455