Innovative Technologies that Future Proof Your Business

Respond to challenges caused by COVID while preparing for the post-pandemic economic environment.

We are associated with companies who are leaders in COVID products, PPE and safety devices; mobile commerce, process automation, artificial intelligence, computer vision and natural language processing. We use these international relationships to solve complex business problems in the healthcare and airline industries, law enforcement, real estate, commerce, education, shipping and logistics. We can help with everything from simple event planning to optimizing millions of financial transactions per day.

BeMotion provides a complete technological & strategic solution that taps into the next generation of digital opportunities. See their suite of DUO Thermal Imaging Scanners, and their latest digital mall app called Sansa.

Intelligently Automate Your Business with GoAutomate. Look to them to make your business excel while reducing your costs. With process discovery and analysis, you'll know the ROI before implementation.

We also have relationships with providers of advanced germicide/cleaners.

If it is related to COVID preparedness, we likely have a source. We are also here to inform and educate where we can.

InCritical Solutions Inc. partners only with quality companies that have great products & people.

Deal Complexity

To support our clients and their international transactions, financing options can be discussed.